Jane Goodall Enlists Fans to Help Plant a Trillion Trees Around the World by 2030


World Renown primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall launched a grassroots movement this week, during the United Nations Climate Week to support their ecosystem restoration project the Trillion Tree campaign.

Trees for Jane, organized by the inspiring founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, aims to stop deforestation and help replenish the world’s dwindling stock of trees and forests through community-based protection and reforestation programs.

She narrated a film called A Trillion Trees, in which calls on every person and every business to plant and care for a tree in their backyards, on rooftops or communities.

Their website aims to inspire, educate, and engage a global audience to act now, “as the world nears a tipping point in the fight against climate change”.

They hope that Trees For Jane will galvanize a global audience—from students and teachers, to activists, to corporations and governments—to support the UN’s goal to plant one trillion trees by 2030.

While Goodall encourages all viewers to plant a tree, the film also reinforces the importance of protecting and restoring trees. Anyone can join the cause by planting a tree or donating at TreesforJane.org.